Wolfgang Hahn Medal for services to the Department of Numismatics and Monetary History at the University of Vienna

Endowed on 20 October 2010




In remembrance of the Department’s founder, Professor Robert Göbl (1919¬-1997), and on the occasion of the retirement of his first successor, Professor Wolfgang Hahn, the Department of Numismatics and Monetary History endowed the Wolfgang Hahn merit medal in 2010. It is awa¬rded to persons or institutions who made a notable contribution to the Department, its projects and its tasks or who have achieved outstanding acad¬emic results at the Department.

The Department would like to thank all sponsors who enabled the endowment of this medal:

Numismatica Genevensis SA (Dr. Alain Baron), Geneva
Münze Österreich AG (director general Dipl.-Ing. Kurt Meyer), Vienna


1. The Wolfgang Hahn Medal is awarded only once a year to a person or institution.

2. The medal (WNR 1241, 1242: Der Zauber der frühen Prägungen – Handwerk, Kunst und Zeitgeschichte; 2010), desig¬ned by Prof. Helmut Zobl, will be awarded in the framework of an academic ceremony. The medal is marked by a punched medal number. It is awarded together with a certificate stating the award holder or institution and their mer¬its. The certificate also specifies the medal number.

3. The medal becomes the property of the award holder or institution.

4. The names of the Wolfgang Hahn Medal awardees are published in our department gazette (“Mitteilungsblatt”) and on the department website.

5. Staff me¬mbers, teaching staff and students of the Department have the opportunity to submit proposals to the Head of the Department for awarding the medal. Former staff members and teaching staff, as well as graduates of the Department are also eligible to submit proposals. Proposals have to be submitted in writing and have to include an explanation.

6. The following special body decides on the Wolfgang Hahn Medal award:

Prof. Wolfgang Hahn 

Head of Department

Deputy Head of Department

First students’ representative

Professor Wolfgang Hahn will be a life member of this special body. After him, the immediate predecessor of the current Head of Department will take over his position. The special body has to decide unanimously on the medal award. In the event of a tie¬d vote, the proposal has to be rejected. However, the proposal can be submitted ag¬ain. The special body does not have to provide an explanation if it rejects a proposal.

7. The award ceremony is scheduled to take place on 1 December, the day of Saint Eligius.

8. The special body, app¬ointed according to point 6, has to apply all regulations specified in these Statutes accordingly.

Vienna, 20 October 2010