Helmut Zobl

Only one artist was worth considering designing the Wolfgang Hahn Medal: Professor Helmut Zobl from Vienna. The best known medallist in Austria and the Department of Numismatics and Monetary History have a long and special relationship. In 1992, the Department exhibited works by Helmut Zobl at the Department.

Helmut Zobl with a coin die for the Wolfgang Hahn Medal at the Austrian Mint.

The Department did not specify any guidelines for the design of the medal. However, it had certain ideas that were obviously influenced by the planned inscriptions. For several weeks, Helmut Zobl focused on the persons that the coin was supposed to feature and their specialist areas in the field of numismatics. Wolfgang Szaivert and Hubert Emmerig provided him with information and visual material, were always available for discussion and watched with interest how the ideas became more and more concrete.

For further information about Helmut Zobl, please visit his website: http://www.helmut-zobl.at/

Helmut Zobl next to the mint machine at the Austrian Mint that worked on the Wolfgang Hahn Medal: Große Weingarten PS 200 (of 1978), striking with 4 to 6 strikes of 60 to 70 t each.

Helmut Zobl and Walter Nolz (minter) at the Austrian Mint on the occasion of the first striking of the Wolfgang Hahn Medal on 13 and 14 September 2010.