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Directories of contents of some journals

Here you will find the cumulated lists of contents of:

ANS - MN American Numismatic Society / Museum Notes (1945-1998)

JNG - Jahrbuch für Numismatik und Geldgeschichte (1949-2007)

Münstersche Beiträge zur antiken Handelsgeschichte (1982-2006)

NZ - Numismatische Zeitschrift WIEN (1869-2007)

SNR - Schweizerische Numismatische Rundschau (1963-1999)


Martin Holzknecht kindly provided us with:

Mitteilungen der österreichischen Numismatischen Gesellschaft
Neue Folge 1937ff.



Due to the fact that the Department of Numismatics and Monetary History at the University of Vienna holds the “Medicina in nummis” collection of Dr. Josef Brettauer (Ancona 8 December 1835 – 11 July 1905 Trieste), our Department Library particularly focuses on collecting literature on this subject. This bibliography was developed during a course in the summer semester of 2000. It provides a comprehensive overview of specialist literature on medical topics represented on coins and medals, which is being continuously expanded.