Department gazette (“Mitteilungsblatt”)

Since 1990, the department gazette has been our mouthpiece for numismatic enthusiasts. The department gazette, which currently comprises about 80 pages, is published at the beginning of each semester (beginning of March and October).

It is primarily aimed at students in Vienna who can find the commented course directory, important dates and information about new study law regulations in the department gazette.

In addition, the department gazette also provides information for numismatic enthusiasts beyond Vienna and Austria, informing about activities at the Department, news, staff changes, important events such as the summers school, numismatics conferences, and more. It also contains smaller contributions about new research results.

As of the beginning of each semester, a PDF version of the department gazette can be downloaded from our website. Please get in touch with us if you would like to receive a printed copy via mail. We can also send you a notification e-mail as soon as the newest issue of the department gazette is available on our website. Please contact our office

By placing an advertisement in our department gazette, you do not only reach more than 300 recipients of the printed version and all students at our Department but also many more people who read the digital version of the gazette. In addition, placing an advertisement can help you effectively promote work at our Department. Please contact Elke List.

Gazette of the Department of Numismatics (“Mitteilungsblatt des Instituts für Numismatik”, MIN)

  • 1/1990   Wintersemester 1990/1991
  • 2/1991   Sommersemester 1991 
  • 3/1991   Wintersemester 1991/1992
  • 4/1992   Sommersemester 1992 
  • 5/1992   Wintersemester 1992/1993
  • 6/1993   Sommersemester 1993 
  • 7/1993   Wintersemester 1993/1994
  • 8/1994   Sommersemester 1994 
  • 9/1994   Wintersemester 1994/1995
  • 10/1995  Sommersemester 1995 
  • 11/1995  Wintersemester 1995/1996
  • 12/1996  Sommersemester 1996 
  • 13/1996  Wintersemester 1996/1997
  • 14/1997  Sommersemester 1997 
  • 15/1997  Wintersemester 1997/1998
  • 16/1998  Sommersemester 1998 
  • 17/1998  Wintersemester 1998/1999
  • 18/1999  Sommersemester 1999 
  • 19/1999  Wintersemester 1999/2000

Mitteilungsblatt des Instituts für Numismatik und Geldgeschichte (MING)